EUS-guided ethanol ablation of symptomatic pancreatic insulinomas. Dennis Yang,  Henry D. Janowitz, William B. Inabnet III, Umut Sarpel, Christopher J. DiMaio, Henry D. Janowitz.  GIE .Published Online: July 28, 2015

Insulinomas are the most common functioning islet cell tumor of the pancreas. Surgical resection is the standard of care.

In this video, we describe the technique of EUS-guided ethanol ablation, and we evaluate its safety and efficacy for the treatment of patients with symptomatic insulinomas considered to be poor operative candidates, patients who refuse surgery, and patients after incomplete surgical resection. Four patients with a mean age of 59 years (range, 47-86 years) underwent EUS-guided fine-needle injection (FNI) of 98% ethanol for therapy of a sporadic (n = 3) or multiple endocrine neoplasia 1–associated (n = 1) insulinoma. Leggi l'articolo

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