Novel 1L polyethylene glycol-based bowel preparation NER1006 for overall and right-sided colon cleansing: a randomized controlled phase 3 trial versus trisulfate.DeMicco MP, Clayton LB, Pilot J, Epstein MS; NOCT Study Group. Gastrointest Endosc. 2017 Aug 10. [Epub ahead of print]

BACKGROUND AND AIMS: NER1006 is the first 32 fluid ounce (1L) polyethylene glycol-based bowel preparation. This randomized, multicenter, colonoscopist/central reader-blinded Phase 3 non-inferiority trial assessed the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of NER1006 versus trisulfate for bowel cleansing.

METHODS: Patients undergoing colonoscopy were randomized (1:1) to receive NER1006 or trisulfate, using evening/morning split-dosing administration. Blinded central readers used the validated Harefield Cleansing Scale (HCS) to evaluate 2 alternative primary endpoints: overall bowel cleansing success and high-quality cleansing of the ascending colon/cecum. Secondary endpoints included lesion detection, Boston Bowel Preparation Scale (BBPS) assessment, and adherence. The non-inferiority margin was 10% and the significance threshold was P<.025.RESULTS: Of 621 patients randomized (NER1006, n=310; trisulfate, n=311), 556 were evaluated for efficacy (NER1006, n=276; trisulfate, n=280). NER1006 achieved non-inferiority versus trisulfate for both primary endpoints of overall bowel cleansing success (85.1% versus 85.0%; difference, 0.14%; one-sided 97.5% lower confidence limit [CL], -8.15%; P = .528) and high-quality cleansing of the ascending colon/cecum (35.9% versus 29.3%; difference, 6.58%; CL, -1.69%; P=.059). BBPS assessments supported overall bowel cleansing success rates. Lesion detection rates were similar between groups. The percentage of patients with treatment-related adverse events was 14.9% with NER1006 and 9.4% with trisulfate. Both bowel preparations showed similar overall tolerability and safety profiles. Adherence was very high in both arms.CONCLUSIONS: With evening/morning split-dosing, NER1006 was as effective as trisulfate for overall bowel and right-sided colon cleansing. Adverse event rates were slightly higher with NER1006 than trisulfate, but did not compromise tolerability, adherence or efficacy.

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